Heineken #backthebars

You probably miss your favourite bar as much as your favourite bar misses you.
Pay for a beer now and enjoy it when your bar re-opens. Heineken will double any donation and send it straight to the bars to help them stay afloat during the crisis.

Launch Film:

Case Film:

Netflix – The Witcher

Spoiling season 2 or predicting what happens with magic?

For the Romanian launch of The Witcher season 2, along with Netflix we challenged three renowned Witches to predict what would happen in the upcoming season using only magic.

If you’re not Romanian let me tell you: we’re known for our powerful witches. Dracula can take the back seat. So yes, in Romania Witches can read anyone’s destiny with their magic powers. Even that of a TVshow.

The Witches answered fans’ burning questions using their preferred tools: molten lead, tarot cards, and a crystal ball. How to know if the predictions were accurate? By watching the series the next day, ofc.

Heineken x UCL – The Wait

On 15 March 2020, UEFA made the difficult decision of postponing all matches in order to protect the integrity of players and fans. The football world was as bored as they were devastated waiting for football to return. As the official sponsor of the UEFA Champions League, Heineken pays tribute to all the fans who bravely attempted to fill the 150 day void in their hearts. And celebrates the moment on Friday 7 August when they could finally stop trying and start watching again.

Amnesty International – Name Swap

Amnesty International put the name of a political prisoner on the jersey of a famous athlete. Name Swap is an idea that partners Amnesty with the world’s largest sports teams to create awareness for the world’s forgotten prisoners.